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Getting the Right Portable Vaporizer

I wanted to get a new portable vaporizer, but I was not sure which one to purchase. Vaping is getting to be so popular that there are dozens of different vaporizers to choose from. I had never had a portable one before, so I decided to go online to find out about the most asked about portables. I knew that there had to be a website that had all of the information on it, and I was able to find one like that easily after doing a quick search for portable vaporizer reviews.

I looked at the vaporizers that the people on this site have rated as the top portable ones, and I finally narrowed it down to two different ones. The first is a Pax vaporizer, and the other is a Firefly vaporizer. While they are both portable, I found out pretty fast that the Pax is more suited for someone who wants to take their vaporizer anywhere and everywhere. I still looked at the Firefly features because I was still drawn to it even though it was designed more for home use than anything else.

After comparing the two, feature by feature, I did decide to go with the Pax vaporizer. It just had a lot going for it, including a lower price and a longer warranty. I did like that it has three different temperature settings and a stainless steel chamber, but it was the rechargeable battery and the really nice design of it that finally sold me on the Pax over the Firefly. I ordered the Pax vaporizer that same night, and it was delivered within days. I have not had any problems with it since I started using it, and cleaning it has also been a very nice surprise because it is so easy and quick to do. I definitely made the right choice.